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No other time in the history of the Ron Paul Revoultion has been more crucial than right now. DO YOUR PART IN SUPPORTING RON PAUL THIS WEEKEND! Canvas, call, write, email, scream from the rooftops, march on Washington. Do something before the Superbowl on Sunday that will help protect your freedom and that of your children. Tell someone about Ron Paul.


It’s the responsibility of every individual who cherishes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, to spread the Ron Paul presidential message to the masses. This is more important than anything else you have going on in your life, regardlesss of it’s importance to you.

If you are to ever stand for anything you have to stand for something and this is it. Unless you’ve been to places like Darfur or Somalia you have no idea how bad it can get here in the US. Pictures and TV don’t even scratch the surface of the atrosities. You don’t think it could happen here? Neither could 911.


A series of corrupt leaders was all we needed to set the stage for inevitable failure of American cultural society. We have been living economical and social shock therapy since 911, and if we chose to not seize this opportunity we must be willing to suffer the consequences of our actions. Ron Paul truly is the only hope we have of breaking the trend of the sos in Washinton.




NOTICE: This site is intended for individuals and groups to use as a plan of attack during Operation American Freedom: Super Tuesday Chaos.  Ron Paul Revolution 2008!


Ron Paul Revolution Super Tuesday Chaos. The weekend leading up to Super Tuesday is the time to mobilize. Every group needs at least one blowhorn, and loads of Ron Paul signage and flyer’s! Videotape and take pictures of activites and post at Ron Paul’s Flickr site! Prepare For War!

4 Days of Havoc – Vote for Ron Paul or Die: Saturday Feb. 2nd; Sunday Feb. 3rd; Monday Feb 4th; Super Tuesday Feb. 5th

Organize your meet-up group for “Operation American Freedom”. We need foot soldiers of all ages on the ground. Don’t wait, organize now! Your freedom is in jeopardy!

Saturday February 2, 2008 – Newspaper Ads Start. Place 2-3 line ad in local newspapers in support of Ron Paul before their weekend deadline, which is typically Wednesday or Thursday. Place ad in any classified category allowed.

Letter’s To The Editor: Mail letter’s to the editor of all local newspapers. State why you want Ron Paul for president and include a copy of the constitution. Group’s gather intel on major local papers and have at least 100 people send 1 letter to each paper. Keep it clean and to the point, save your rants for the internet.

Mass Mail Constitution Blitz – Cover America with the Constitution. Local groups prepare letter’s, and gather intel on local businesses for mass mailing ASAP. Canvas Apartment complexes, Times Square, Expo & Convention Centers, Shopping Malls, etc.

DVD Information Bombs – Burn Arron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism”, and the HBO documentry “Hacking Democracy” to disk and hand out. All out Ron Paul info Blitz. Canvas, Canvas, Canvas!

Sunday February 3, 2008 – Gather at major local events; such as convention/expo centers, races, football stadiums – and hand out Ron Paul info as people enter, display Ron Paul signs in mass.

Ron Paul banners and signs held at highway overpasses on all major interstates surrounding major events. Call everyone you know!

Launch the Ron Paul Air Corps in major cities.

Simultaneous Shortwave Transmission Worldwide – Ron Paul “Issues 2008”  – 9am and 5pm CST

Monday February 4, 2008 – Million Man Freedom March. Surround the White House in civilized Ron Paul support. Gather at all major City Hall buildings and support Ron Paul. Call the local media and announce the Ron Paul Revolution Invasion.

Banner Brigade – Hands Across America – Stretch Ron Paul Banners Coast-to-Coast.

Charity Donation Money Bomb. New Orleans – Brad Pitt’s “Make it Right Foundation” Rebuild The Lower Ninth Ward

Super Tuesday February 5, 2008 – Full Assault. Take No Prisoners. Scatter RP Flyer’s From Atop High-rise Buildings.

Mardi Gras Invasion – Launch the Air Corps and Blimp – Drop Ron Paul Flyers In Mass

“Food for Freedom” Tactical Assault: Groups organize BBQ at local truckstops, feed the truckers and have them join the revolution. Ask the drivers to display Ron Paul banners on their trucks. Some groups may wish to organize free car washes and/or volunteer at homeless shelters as well. Whatever you do take along the weber and some charcoal. Ask local meat lockers to donate meat for the BBQ, some grocery stores will donate food and supplies to the revolution. Brats, hotdogs, burgers, steak, and a bit of applewood smoke should seal the election. RONPAULAPALOOZA 2008!____________________________________________________________

You can start these activities at any time prior to Super Tuesday, but the goal is to have as many people participating at once as possible. Strategic exposure, just prior to Feb. 5th, will be a statement to mass media and make everyone more aware of Ron Paul in a unique way. Feel free to continue these activities beyond the dates set forth here. All activites must remain civil! We will win this war with knowledge and persistance!

Be sure to push the vote, every citizen in primary election states must cast their ballot on Super Tuesday. Encourage people to become precinct leaders.

Copy & Paste This Link To All Forums And Emails:      

Help Spread The Word Fast!!!

ORDER RON PAUL SIGNS AND INFO NOW (7-10 days delivery)


 A Paul Reissaus Production

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